Who is eligible to join?

Shared Tables membership is open to hospitality industry professionals who are employed full time in the following positions:

  • Executive Chef
  • Chef de cuisine
  • Chef Manager
  • Head Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Apprentice Chef
  • Commis Chef
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Restaurateur
  • Sommelier
  • Media
  • Hotel/Club/Restaurant/Catering Manager
  • Hotel/Club/Restaurant/Catering Event Manager
  • Shared Tables Sponsor - approved annual Sponsors

Shared Tables is by invitation or peer introduction and is subject to approval.

The Shared Tables Gala Ball is open to all sectors of the hospitality industry including hospitality suppliers.
The events throughout the year are restricted to only approved annual Shared Tables
Sponsors and members.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the Shared Tables association are -
  • To provide a the forum that allows chefs and hospitality professionals to focus on culinary innovation and trends in the company of fellow industry leaders and peers
  • To provide chefs and hospitality professionals with access to educational activities such as study tours and industry forums
  • To offer support and networking within the industry
  • To support the training and development of Victorian cookery students with the opportunity to travel to Paris and work under the guidance of Thierry Marx as part of the Shared Tables Thierry Marx Career Development Award
  • To support our charity partner of choice - KOTO "Know One Teach One" - a not for profit social enterprise that provides Hospitality training to street kids and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam

Shared Tables was formed in Melbourne (Victoria) in 1994 as a forum for chefs to exchange information and ideas in a relaxed, friendly environment


Shane Delia
Shane Delia

“Shared Tables has allowed me to eat at some great new restaurants, meet up with my peers, sample a range of cuisine. I also had the chance to travel on Shared Tables food educational tours which opened my eyes to a world of food. It is a privilege to be involved.”

Olimpia Bortolotto Cecconi's Cantina
Olimpia Bortolotto Cecconi's Cantina

“Through Shared Tables I have been able to share ideas with other chefs and keep up to date with the industry. It has also been a valuable learning opportunity for young chefs allowing them to gain new insight into different food styles. It also provides me with a chance to catch up with colleagues from a cross sector of the industry" Olimpia Bortolotto Cecconi's Cantina

Geoff Lindsay
Geoff Lindsay

"I have seen Shared Tables evolve and it has been a stimulating environment in which chefs can share their experience, knowledge and demonstrate their individuality through their cooking."